Saturday, February 11, 2012

Syria's Valentine

Dear Friends,

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, and in order raise more awareness about the situation in Syria, Citizens for Global Solutions and I would love it if you could reach out and send some love to those who are fighting for it in Syria...!

February 09th, 2012
Stand with the Syrian People
Russia and China may not be showing the Syrians any love lately, but that doesn't mean we can't. Last week, they vetoed the latest U.N. Security Council resolution aimed at resolving the violent conflict waged by Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad against his own people. More than 6,000 people have died in Syria, and the violence rages on.
The Syrian people need to know that Americans are frustrated by the inability of the international community to protect them from brutality. Syrians shouldn't have to suffer to get the basic human rights we are all entitled to.
That's why Citizens for Global Solutions is collecting signatures for a virtual Valentine's Day card, from now through Valentine's Day to show that we care about the Syrian people and support their fight for freedom.
Click here to sign the e-card and send your personal Valentine's Day message to the Syrian people. Your message will be sent to Syrian activists, Syrian Ambassador Imad Moustapha and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice.
Love works best when shared. Show your love and support for the Syrian people by forwarding this email to your friends and family, sharing it on Facebook and Twitter and changing your profile picture to our card image on Valentine's Day. With your participation, we can let the Syrian people know that the world is watching and that we have not forgotten them.
Thanks for all that you do.

Amanda B.
Citizens for Global Solutions

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