Thursday, February 16, 2012

A message of Love & Solidarity... to Syria!

Friends at the Citizens for Global Solutions campaigned for a couple of days to send Syrians a message of love and solidarity... they managed to gather more than 2400 signatures in such short notice; more than 2400 warm hearts wished all Syrians love and peace and offered them heartfelt prayers. I had the privilege to cooperate with them hoping more buzz will be created in the US and around the globe... Here's the Valentine card:

The Citizens for Global Solutions Community Loves and Supports the Syrian People in Their Fight for Human Rights.
Over 6,000 people have died in Syria, due to President Bashar Al-Assad's violent crackdown on protestors demanding basic human rights. Hopes were dashed that the international community would stop the violence when Russia and China vetoed a U.N. Security Council
resolution in early February 2012 that called for Assad to step down from power. Assad continues to kill civilians, and there is no accountability for his crimes. The Syrian people will know that Americans stand with them in solidarity in their fight for basic human rights. Signing this Valentine's Day card was a simple way for our community to share our love and support for Syrians struggling for freedom. In only a couple of days, over two thousand of us have let the Syrian people know that the world is watching and that we have not forgotten them.

And here are few of the comments from the beatiful hearts who signed the card:

Beth from Huntsville, AL: "Sending love to all the protestors. Stay strong."

Ginger from Decatur, AL: "The Syrian people are the heroes of the world.  We love you, we believe in you, and we stand with you for freedom and against tyranny."

Annette from Elgin, AZ: "Many years ago, my father worked for the Near East Foundation.  Although I was too young to remember Damascus, I do remember the beauty and warmth of the people. We love you."

Robert from Phoenix, AZ: "You are not forgotten.  People around the world do care about the well-being of the Syrian people. Stay strong."

Adam from Oakland, CA: "May you create your freedom together and build a new society!"

Alain from Los Angeles, CA: "I support the brave fight of the Syrian people against the murderous action of this leader of one of the last republican (sic) Hereditary regime in the Middle East. He seems to want to pass his father in terms of killing civilians."

Lesley from Irelend: "Best wishes from Ireland to Syria on Valentines' Day - Keep the faith, remember your message has reached Europe and beyond and we are doing our best to get all your messages of help out there.  Please God you will the sounds of gunfire and aggression will end soon and peace and healing will begin."

Ali from Los Angeles: "Allah ma3akum ya habayeb."

Gab from Chihuahua: "All the love I have I send it to each of you in Syria. Hope all this finish soon; don't lose hope, stay strong you're an example to the world."

Oliver from Munich: "It's breathtaking amazing to see what you're going through day by day but that your will, your courage, your faith are so strong to resist and to continue to fight for a better future you deserve."

Charles from Lompoc, CA: "It is with horror we hear of your suffering. It is with admiration and love that we pray for your safety."

George from Elkview, WV: "Democracy  Always"

Sas from Den Haag: "stay strong"

Bradford E. from Coatesville, PA: "We will not forget you SYRIA. Much LOVE from America ... Salaam -  - Brad Nelms"

Saeed Khan from Shahjahanpur, U.P., India: "We all must stand in solidarity with the Syrian people. I urge the government of Syria and international community to take appropriate steps immediately in order to protect the human rights of Syrian people. Saeed Khan Falahi from India"

Jay from Sacramento, CA: "We stand with you and want to help you and to give you the peace you deserve.  You are not alone; the world knows much of what is going on and many are trying to get you help soon."

Craig from Costa Mesa, CA: "None of us are free unless all of us are free of tyranny!"

Barbara from Denver, CO: "Inahalla you will be free by Ramadan"

Michael from Grass Valley, CA: "POWER TO THE PEOPLE!"

All the signitures and comments can be found following this link [PDF file]

I just wanna thank the global spirits who initiated and signed the card... I'm proud of them just as much as they are proud of the Syrian people. I'm also proud of all who can support the Syrian with a feeling, a prayer, a piece of action, or more...! Love & Peace.

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Saeed Khan Falahi said...

All the people who love democracy are deeply concerned about the crackdown in Syria. In my view, this is a state sponsored terrorism in Syria because the Syrian security forces are brutally killing the innocent civilians of Syria so shamelessly. It is a matter of great regret that the government of Syria is not respecting the principles of democracy and international human rights and humanitarian laws. In this worst situation, I think, only an effective interference of international community is the solution of this crisis in order to save the lives of civilians and to strengthen the democracy and also to preserve international human rights and humanitarian laws in Syria.