Sunday, November 6, 2011

Words for the Great Nation of Syria

Today, Saturday Nov. 5th 2011, Mr. Burhan Ghalioun, head of the Syrian National Council, addressed the Syrian nation as the Eid holidays' eve. I translated the speech which was delivered in Arabic, and this is how it went:

"Great Nation of Syria
I speak before you today with Eid knocking on the doors while the country is still ruled by darkness, due to a dictatorship ruling which turned our country into a monarchy, went away with our dignity, violated our rights, strangled our freedom, and turned each and every one of us into a detainee in a big prison. And then you rise up like heroes do, and you sacrifice seeking your freedom. Every home has a case of a father who died, a sister who got raped, a brother who was arrested, or a child who got assaulted. Yet, your courage and immense determination and ability to sacrifice like that earned you many hearts around the globe and had tyranny look at you with great worry. You are not alone in this, for your sacrifice brought Syrians everywhere together, and unified all those abroad, and brought to light every bit of talent and power in every Syrian.

Great Nation of Syria
Syria will not be someone’s farm as it’s been for quite a long time now, but a true home of freedom and dignity for all. It shall never be a country of discrimination, injustice, and exclusion, but one country for one Syrian nation. A country in which there would be no place to indulge sectarianism or racism. Minority and majority will not stand to the principal of citizenship under which all are equal. Opportunities will arise specially for those who are more loyal and can sacrifice more for the good of our homeland. The new constitution shall protect minorities and grant them their rights. Kurds will reclaim their rights and forget the discrimination they had to be subjected to. The judicial, legislative, and executive authorities will be free and independent, and the government shall be subject to questioning, for true power shall be for the people and by the people through voting and ballot boxes. The new Syria will be one of law and human rights, where all are equal to judicial authorities, with equal rights to form parties and organizations and associations which shall contribute to the decision making process.

Great Nation of Syria
Every day that comes by, every drop of blood is getting us ever closer to our dream on this road of freedom, whereas the unjust regime keeps going down the dark tunnel which will eventually lead it to its imminent extinction, just like all dictatorships before it. Laws of the universe and history cannot change; those who kill their own people, arrest the young ones, and steal the country are most certainly traitors who will eventually fall and be prosecuted.

Great Nation of Syria
The Syrian National Council is leading the political battle inside and outside with you and on your behalf. It is your Council, and it’s your voice to let the world hear you and to defend your just cause. Its members are your comrades in this great battle for freedom. We are all honored and pleased with your support, and in support of you we promise to spare neither effort nor time to help topple this tyrant regime. We shall not negotiate the Syrian blood, and the mourning parents, and we shall not fall for the regimes' tricks and manipulations. We, at the National Council, believe that the regime is looking for nothing but gaining time, yet its efforts will be in vain. We realize that the responsibility laid upon us is immense, we feel your pain, but challenges are grave and none more important than building a strong and solid body capable of running the country during the transitional period. This cannot happen in days despite the fast progress we were able to achieve. We have approached the General Secretariat of the Arab League and the United Nations with an official letter to help protect civilians in Syria through committing the regime to accept International Observers inside the country. Other options are many, and we shall exclude none.

Great Nation of Syria
In this holy day, we address the free soldiers who refused unjust orders, risking their lives in the process in order to defend their brothers and sisters and the peaceful demonstrations. We assure you that Syrians will never forget the true patriotic spirit you’ve shown, and we call upon the Syrian army to follow your lead respecting their military oath protecting the land and the citizens, not a ruling regime. We urge you not to obey higher ranks orders of shooting at peaceful protesters, for there is no excuse for any soldier following such orders. We assure Syrians who are still afraid or hesitant that this revolution is theirs as well, as you are our brothers and we share not only blood but also the future.

Great Nation of Syria
Syrians can never forget those who stood by them and supported their cry for freedom; countries as well as organizations. And we will not spare any effort rallying for more international support of our just cause, despite the stand which few countries took listening to the regime and defending it. This tyrant regime is history and will not rise again, and it is still wrongly betting on driving the nation to civil war and chaos, therefore our only guaranty for not falling into such scenario is in our unity until victory and beyond.

Great Nation of Syria
The future of Syria is being made now, the new Syria which we’ve always hoped and worked for; free Syria, dignified Syria, loving Syria, and prosperous Syria. It falls upon us all the great responsibility of liberating this great country, rescuing it, and getting it back to life and back on its feet, and leading it into a bright future, a future not too distant anymore.

May mercy be upon martyrs of freedom and dignity, blessings for the wounded, and freedom for the arrested.

Long live Syria ever free and dignified; long live the great Syrian nation unified and master of its homeland, holiday’s greetings to all."

Please click here for the YouTube video with English subtitles.

I found the speech uplifting, precise, addressing the right issues at the right time, and most of all very comforting. This is what I came away with, leaving the judgment to you as well since this is the Syria we're striving for; where everyone is entitled to his own opinions...

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