Monday, September 26, 2011

Know them by their... flags!!!

It's become something of a phenomenon since the 15th of march 2011... The Syria flag of Red, White, Black, and the two green stars which we normally see whenever there's a football match, a national event, or on a normal day at school is now divided all of a sudden into three slightly different flags.

Let's get visual...

Now, this flags is clearly of the pro-regime Syrians. They managed to add the picture of their leader "Bashar Al-Assad" as a third star with the phrase [we love you]. You can see the flag on few of their facebook accounts and hanging out of balconies and buildings, because we have freedom in this country to do that!

The current Syrian flag. Now, when you see this flag on facebook accounts and/or on balconies, you can make any assumption here, because this guy could be pro-regime, pro-uprising, or not even sure were he stands as yet. Could be anything really! I'd say it's the safest flag to raise...

Uha... This flag is the Syrian flag before the union with Egypt. The carrier of this flag may or may not know the meaning of it and what's behind it but you'll see it on some of the accounts of people opposing the regime, make no mistake about that. One thing I can tell you for sure, though, you wouldn't normally see this flag on balconies or in public.

This, however, doesn't mean that Syrians are really divided by the flags. It's just temporary as I hope and feel, and Syria will be a place for everyone again soon.

As for me, I don't feel the need to hang a flag out the window, nor have it on my twitter or facebook profile, because it is already in my heart. And whichever flag Syrians might choose for the new Syria is already blessed and accepted by me as long as it includes everyone.

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enum68 said...

A very useful post. Many of my fellows still have problems to divide the protesters from the regime loyals according to their lack of understanding the Arab language. The older flag is nearly totally unknown here.